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Awelco | PULSAR 255 AC/DC Welding Machine | 210AMP 230/400V | MMA ARC


Single phase 230/400 V, on wheels,fan-cooled stick electrode welding machines for MMA welding in direct (DC) and alternating current (AC).Stepless regulation of welding current. With thermostatic protection. Flexibility of use with a wide range of electrodes: rutile, basic, stainlees steel and cast iron.

1,540.00 (QAR)

Awelco | Sald. Inverter Mikro 184 Alu Trolley | MMA INVERTER


Inverter technology welding machine, light, compact and reliable. Suitable for rutiles, basic, stainless steel, cast iron electrodes.

1,490.00 (QAR)

Awelco | Saldatrice Pegasus 370 (Tristar 500) | MMA ARC


Welding machine 230/400V for rutilic electrodes in DC, regulation by shunts. Equipped with thermostat, fan cooled, wheels and dinse attacks.

5,450.00 (QAR)