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Velyen Car Lift 2-Post with frame 3T

Three phase 3 Kw 3,0 T - 2500 mm * - Electro-mechanical 2-pillar asymmetrical lifter is designed for lifting cars and small delivery cars. The lift has a self-lining of screws.
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Velyen Pneumatic Motorbike Lift- 450 Kg

This pneumatic hydraulic lift table is suitable for mopeds, scooters and motorcycles and complies with the latest CE directive. The maximum capacity is 450 kg and the lifting time is 3 to 8 seconds.
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Velyen Car Lift 4-Post 4T

Hydraulic 4-Post Lift 4000 Kg Wider For 3D Alignment
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Velyen Hydraulic 4-Post Lift 4000 Kg Wider For 3D Alignment

Extra wide for 3D alignment. NO air required, 100% electro-hydraulic
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Velyen Hydraulic 2-Post Lift 4000 Kg New Technology Based on no Cables and no Pullies.

New hydraulic 4 Tns model EC16 100% design and manufacture by Spain. Less maintenance (No cables, No pulleys) • Save installation time • Exclusive design and safefty patented system