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Complete value solutions for the construction industry. Concrete, , ventilation, compaction, fixing, welding, pumps, power tools, compressors and more.

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Koshin | SEV-25L | 1" Water Pump 0.75 kW

KOSHIN Model SEV-25L 1" Discharge Centrifugal Pump Powered By Koshin KC26 .93 HP 2-Stroke Mixed Fuel Engine Is Compact, Lightweight & Durable & Is Ideal For General Construction & Industrial Dewatering, Landscaping & Irrigation And All-Purpose Cleaning & Wash Down Applications Such As Utilities, Manholes & Vault Draining. Easy Starting & Quiet Running Is Assured With Its Four-Stroke Honda GX25 1.1 Horsepower Gasoline Engine.

775.00 (QAR)

Koshin | SEV-50X | 2” Water Pump Petrol with Koshin K180 Engine

The Koshin SEV-50X Centrifugal Pump has Impellers and Volutes are constructed of cast iron for durability and long operating life.Pump Casings are die cast aluminum for lightweight portability and strength. Full roll cage with vibration isolators for protection Low Oil Sensors are standard, for superior engine lubrication and protection.

850.00 (QAR)

Koshin | SEV-80X | 3” Water Pump Petrol with Koshin K180 Engine

The SEV-80X is a high quality Japanese self-priming 3" pump from Koshin Ltd. for clear and dirty water with solid particles up to 3mm. This pump is powered by specially Koshin developed K180 petrol engine. The delivery volume of this pump is max. 1050 L/min, or a total head up to 25m. The product has a sturdy rollover pipe frame, 3" inlet and outlet, die-cast aluminium housing, rugged four-stroke engine, low oil alert, 3.6-liter fuel tank, engine tool, a filter, 2 hose couplings and three hose bands.

910.00 (QAR)

Stampa | Concrete Power Trowel | HMR-100 Power Trowel - with  Robin EY20  Engine

The HMR-100 1000mm concrete power trowel include a 40inch diameter floating pan that is ideal for mounting combined trowel blades or finishing blades. The heavy weight design is one of the popular trowel models among customers. It is able to withstand long time of use, requiring limited maintenance.

3,500.00 (QAR)

Stampa | Submersible Pump | TPP-2 with 6M Hose-| Ace Machinery

RB series of flexible shaft pumps are mini centrifugal pumps of single type; they are widely used for pumping and draining in construction Building sites, tunnels, culverts,water reservoir, etc, also for wastewater discharging in industry, irrigation on farmland and so on. They are driven by different brand of diesel engines or gasoline engines. They have the features that convenient to operate,large flow quantity and high delivery lift.

520.00 (QAR)