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Difference between Wishlist & Cart?

This is the icon for the Wishlist (similar to "Favorites" or "Save for Later" items) which you can find in the profile button in the header  
This is the icon for the Shopping Cart

Wishlist is basically a personal shopping bag which helps to store items that you are willing (later) to buy. It helps to store items which you like but don’t want to necessarily buy now.

  • A logged in customer can save items inside later list.
  • A customer can save items along with its quantity.
  • The list is present along with cart list. So the customer doesn’t miss any of their favorites.

What's more you can also share your wishlists with other registered users!

Change Language?
Nehmeh Online Store is offered in Arabic & English, to change your language click on the profile icon and then selecting the flag with relevant language.

Change Currency?
Nehmeh Online Store has 3 currencies listed: Qatari Riyals, US Dollars and Euros. To change your currency of choice click on the profile icon and then select your preferred currency.

Edit my Information?
Click on the profile icon and select My Profile.

Can I buy from Nehmeh App?
Not at the present time although the App is ideal for your New, Rewards and Special promotions.

I am a wholeseller and wish to distribute some of your products
You can not use our online store for your segment at the moment however you can get more info on this link

Do I need to register to Shop?
You can shop with us by providing just your email ID. While it is not necessary to have an account to Shop for and purchase items, it is recommended that you create one. By creating your own Shop account, you can enjoy a personalized shopping experience, including recommendations, quicker checkout and a Wishlist which you can share too. You will also be able to rate/review products and sellers.