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IMER BLADE Ø 315 mm x 3 Z = 28 for Wood Cutter H110

Wood saws. Blade Ø 315 mm. Suited to many applications and needs of wood carpentry cutting at the construction site.

220.00 (QAR)

IMER C350 iPOWER | Tile Cutter | 1Ph-230V-50Hz-2.5kW-WB-Laser

Water-cooled saw with sliding cutting head. Blade Ø 350 mm. High power saw for cutting marble, bricks and stone. It is designed both for building sites and for the installer.

6,850.00 (QAR)

IMER COMBI 250-600 Tile Saw 1Ph-230V-50Hz-1.5kW-WB-WT

Water-cooled tile saws. Blade Ø 250 mm. It is ideal for cutting ceramic, stone materials, bricks and stone. Lightweight and compact, it ensures maximum cutting precision thanks to its user-friendly structure and the accessories that come with it.

3,225.00 (QAR)