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Makita | MAK/9565HZ110V | Angle Grinder 110V - 125mm (5").


Power tool is one that needs electricity to work. It usually depends on an engine that, in turn, has a speed regulator.Tools are instruments aimed at performing a mechanical task when some kind of force is applied to them.

835.00 (QAR)

Makita | MAK/9565PC | Angle Grinder - 125mm (5")


The 9565PC is powered by a 13 AMP motor that delivers 11,500 RPM, with soft start for smooth start-ups. Labyrinth construction protects the motor with a complex set of channels, prohibiting dust and contamination. In addition, the protective zig-zag varnish seals the motor and bearings from dust and debris by creating a barrier under rotation. The 9565PC is engineered with SJS™, an innovation from Makita that protects the gears by automatically disengaging the motor should the grinding wheel accidentally catch or bind.

872.00 (QAR)

Makita | MAK/9565PZ | Angle Grinder 125mm (5")


Makita 9565PZ equipped with "Super Joint System-SJS" S absorbs shock caused by accidental wheel lock and protects gears. Easy to operate with paddle type on/off switch and compact & lightweight.

556.00 (QAR)

Makita | MAK/9565PZ110V | Angle Grinder - 125mm (5").


Makita Angle Grinder 125mm has a Super Joint System absorbs shock caused by accidental wheel lock and protects gears.

541.00 (QAR)

Makita | MAK/DGA452RFE | LXT Cordless Angle Grinder - 115mm (18V Li-Ion) with Slide Switch


With its single spanner blade change with the help of a convenient spindle lock, this machine comes into its element when used with the thin 1mm thick cutting blades. Weighing a mere 1.9kg this machine can be used for a multitude of tasks from cutting re-bar, threaded rod etc to sanding and sharpening of mower blades. Battery + Charger + Tool are included.

0.00 (QAR)

Makita | MAK/DGA452Z | LXT Cordless Angle Grinder - 115mm - (18V Li-Ion) | Slide Switch


Makita LXT cordless grinder 115mm has a Anti-restart function. Battery & Charger are sold separately.

382.00 (QAR)